Water Supply and Sanitation


Assessment Study for Rehabilitation of Water Supply Scheme for Port Hardcourt, Nigeria.
Client SREI Infrastructure Ltd., New Delhi
Cost INR 1000 Million
Financed By JV of SREI and Government of Nigeria
Status 2009

The work involved the rehabilitation of the water supply scheme for the city of Port Hardcourt for which the following studies were undertaken :

Hydro-geology of the area
Power availability in the near future
Water Quality of the source
Water transmission routes
Water treatment facilities, if required
Water storage facilities
Availability of land for new structures
Physical Status of the present system
Social Status of the population
Economic status of the population
Cost recovery of the scheme.
Operation and Maintenance requirements
Staffing requirements

Capacity building of the department.

Rehabilitation of Water Supply Scheme for Daar-Es-Salaam and Chalinze Area of Tanzania.
Client Overseas Infrastructure Associates, New Delhi
Cost INR100 Million
Financed By EXIM Bank, India
Status 2009

The work involved the study of the area and the pipeline alignment for undertaking the costing to execute of the following works :

1.Construction of reservoir at Kibamba of capacity 7000 m3
2. Construction of new reservoir at Soga of capacity 500 m3
3.Construction of new reservoir at Mlandizi of capacity 1500 m3
4.Construction of the rising main to cater for the increased intake
5. Provision of Connections from the rising main to the Distribution tanks
6.Water Supply Distribution networks for populated areas within Dar es Salaam region and service area of Mlandizi Reservoir along Morogoro road with total length of about 140 km.

Barsile Aquifer Water Project Assessment for Ministry of Mining, Energy and Water Resources, Somaliland.
Client Ministry of Mining, Energy & Water Resources, Somaliland
Cost INR 200 Million
Financed By Somcable, Djibouti
Status 2013- ongoing

Water is a scarce commodity in Djibouti and the Government is desperate to get water from any available resource.  With this in view, a study was undertaken to bring water to Djibouti from Somaliland area.  For this study, the following aspects were covered :

  • Reconnaissance Survey of the area
  • Study available reports on Topography, Geology, and Hydrogeology etc.
  • Undertake the field investigation to assess the hydro geological conditions in the area:
  • Aquifer study (determine hydro geological parameters)
  • Assessment of natural recharge of the aquifer
  • Infiltration rate Assessment
  • Assessment of Soil salinity
  • Assessment of underground water resources
  • Water quality Analysis
  • Determine boundary array of the aquifer
  • Legal Issues
  • Environmental issues

Project relating to Detailed Design and Detailed Project report for Water supply, Sewerage and Road in Al Quibla area of Basra, Iraq
Client Shriram EPC, Chennai
Contractor Shriram EPC, Chennai
Cost INR 12000 Million
Financed By Governorate of Basra, Iraq
Status June 2012 to September 2014

The work includes the construction of Water supply, sanitary sewer system and road network for Al Qeblah districts ,which are divided to four districts ( Al Qa'eem Al Jameah, Al Muhandseen and Al Shuhdaa ).  The sewer network was proposed to be connected to the main truck line for transportation to the Sewerage treatment plant whereas the storm water was proposed to be discharged into the existing drainage systems in the area.

The work involved :

  • Organised a detailed reconnaissance survey of the town.
  • Organised a detailed topographic survey of the area including the preparation of the plan.
  • Prepare the L - Sections of all roads and lanes of the town.
  • Preparation of the cross-section of the roads and lane to enmark the right of way.
  • Collect data on population and rainfall data for the town.
  • Identify the natural and existing sewerage and surface drainage in the town.
  • Make a preliminary project report based on the identified data.
  • Identify the land availability for the digging of new drains for water channelisation.
  • Collect data on the Schedule of Rates and the rates for various items as prevalent in the town.
Prepare a project report giving the detailed pipeline designs and estimates for the execution of the scheme. 

QAFCO, A Fertilizer plant located in Qatar
Contractor QAFCO, Qatar
Cost INR 15 million
Financed By QAFCO, Qatar
Status 2008

QAFCO was facing the problem of channelizing their effluent from the fertilizer plant to the natural drainage with proper effluent treatment.  To plan a system for the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of the effluent, the  following activities were undertaken :
1. Field visit to collect the data
2. Review the existing plant layout and collect all details of the layout.
3. Interact with the Process, Piping and Instrumentation engineers for the formulation of the scheme.
4. Prepare the concept and layout of the sumps for effluent collection.

5. Plan and design the pumping arrangement for transportation of the effluent from the sumps to the treatment unit.

Consultancy Services for Augmentation and Reorganization of Mango Urban Water Supply Scheme.
Client IPE Global Private Limited
Cost INR 470 Million
Financed By Government of Jharkhand
Status 2013- ongoing
  • Identification of the health/present status of the old rising/distribution pipelines through survey of the system and sample analysis.
  • Survey of the existing water level and availability of water/sustainability of the sources at the respective location viz. Kumar baste both near Workers College and existing intake well and TISCO’s weir across Swarnrekha River.
  • Provide implementation services to the department including.
  • Supervision of construction work
  • Technical and administrative services for the implementation and management of projects.
  • Preparation and submission of EIA (Environmental impact Assessment) report for the project
  • Evolution of an accurate operation philosophy for the project, including OEM material requirement assessment etc.
  • Establishing a suitable revenue structure for water through details studies of the region, including socio economic studies.

Preparation, Design and Construction Supervision of the Water Supply and Drainage scheme for the Biharsharif Town of Bihar under the Government of India’s sponsored scheme.
Client M/s National Building Construction Company Ltd., New Delhi
Contractor M/s National Building Construction Company Ltd., New Delhi
Cost INR 1500Million
Financed By Government of Bihar
Status 2008-2011

The Government of India has initiated a programme Jawarlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNRUM) for the development of services to  towns in the country.  As such, the water supply and drainage scheme was to be executed in the town of Begusarai, for which the detailed project report was prepared.  The work involved the following :

  • Data Collection
  • Surveys
  • Planning and Design
  • Social Survey
  • Economic Survey
  • Town Planning for the next 30 years
  • Drawing Preparation
  • Estimation
  • Approval
  • Construction monitoring and supervision

Preparation of Drainage and sewerage scheme for the WHO Complex in Delhi. ( 80 cum/day RBC Unit)
Client M/s World Health Organization, New Delhi
Contractor M/s Star Enterprises, New Delhi
Cost INR 30 Million
Financed By WHO, New Delhi
Status 2009-10

WHO, New delhi wanted to develop a trouble free system for the sewerage disposal and storm water disposal in their complex in New Delhi.  The activities involved were :

  • Topographic Survey of the Area
  • Assessment of surface runoff due to rainfall in the catchment and sewerage generation.
  • Design the underground storage tank.
  • Design of the external drains for storm and pie network for sewerage.
  • Design of the Pumps for drainage/sewerage.
  • Design of Pumping machinery/Mechanical Components for the scheme.
  • Design of the electrical components for the system.
  • Preparation of estimates and project cost for the scheme.
  • Preparation of Specification for the Civil, Electrical and Mechanical components.
  • Evaluation of Technical and Financial offers of the Contractors.
  • Construction supervision during execution.

Preparation of detailed project report for Water Supply Scheme for Begusarai Township, Bihar
Client M/s SREI, New Delhi
Cost INR 11000 Million
Financed By Government of Bihar
Status 2008-10

The town of Begusarai is facing the problem of excessive arscenic content in the ground water.  Since most of the water supply schemes in the town and nearby villages of Begusarai are being provided ground water for drinking, the Government is considering providing alternate drinking water scheme to its people.  As a firm step towards this initiative, the Government had proposed to engage the services of Consultancy Organisations for planning a scheme which could provide a safe and potable drinking water to its people.

Preparation of Water Supply and Sewerage Scheme for three townships of Haryana- Safidon, Uchana and Kalayat
Client Public Health Engineering Department (Haryana)
Cost INR1000 Million
Financed By Government of Haryana
Status 2008-11

PHED Haryana proposes to employ consultants for “Preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for water supply and sewerage works in selected towns  in the State of Haryana; namely   Safidon,  Kalayat and  Uchana. The intent of preparing the Detailed Project Reports  is  to  ensure  that  comprehensive  technical and financially viable plans are in place for the implementation of Water Supply and Sewerage works in these towns. The intent of preparation of DPR and execution of works in these selected towns will be undertaken under State Plan.   The work involved :

  1. Evaluation of existing Water Supply and Sewerage system with respect to its deficiencies.
  2. Preparation of Final Detailed Project Reports after incorporating all comments / suggestions from Public Health Engineering Department Haryana.
  3. Preparation & submission of Draft Detailed Project Reports (Draft DPR) in discussion with PHED Haryana.
  4. Construction Supervision and time to time supervision of the scheme for the guidance of the executing agency.

Development of basic services for Dwelling units in DFM Area, United Kingdom.
Client M/s AXIS-IT&T, India and Peter Brett Associates, UK
Cost INR 20 Million
Financed By PBA Consulting United Kingdom
Status 2006-07

Assessment of Demand for water supply
Planning & Design of Urban Water Supply
Planning & Design of Urban Sewerage System, Treatment & Disposal
Planning & Design of storm water drainage
Design of Roads

Design of drop manholes and other sewerage and drainage collection structures

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for water supply scheme for Vaishno Devi Shrine, Jammu and Kashmir.
Client Public Health Department, Jammu Division, Jammu
Cost INR 400 Million
Financed By Government of Jammu and Kashmir
Status 2012- ongoing

The Hon’ble Governor of Jammu and Kashmir and the Hon’ble Chief Minister are very anxious and keen to provide a reliable and sustainable water supply scheme for the Mata Vaisho Devi Shrine Board.  They have designated the Office of the Chief Engineer, Public Health Department, Jammu to get a project report prepared for the scheme which would be able to provide assured water supply to the Shrine Board till the year 2040.  The Chief Engineer, on his part has called for the services of a Consultancy firm of repute to undertake a study for the preparation of the Detailed Project Report, covering the following aspects :

1.Organized a detailed reconnaissance survey of the area.
2. Organized a detailed topographic survey of the area including the preparation of  the plan.
3. Prepare the L - Sections of pipe.
4. Study the water availability and quality of river Chenab water at intake point.
5. Make a socio-economic survey to assess the population growth.

6. Undertake an economic survey to assess the paying capacity of the population.

Study of Effect of Floods in Delhi.
Client Irrigation & Flood Control Department Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi
Cost INR 1000 Million
Financed By Government of Delhi
Status 1995

To prevent floods in delhi, a study was undertaken to highlight and suggest the long term and short term measures for the regulation mechanism.  For this study the following activities were undertaken :
Study profile of River Yamuna indicating HFL obtained in 1995.
Identify the weaknesses noticed in Marginal Embankment, Regulators, Spurs, Shanks, etc.
Remedial measures for regulators, structures, peripheral drain, etc.
Pumping capacity required.
Identify drains which require remodelling.
Identify new drain construction.
Cost estimate for repair, etc.
Recommendations regarding precautions during future floods.
Project profile for Rahabilitation of Squatter Families on Eastern and Western Marginal Bunds of River Yamuna and Yamuna Plains.
Highlighted the oranisational set-up for monitoring and execution of these works..

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